Becoming a Principal Investigator

Who can be considered a Principal Investigator?

All tenure track faculty members are eligible to be Principal Investigators.  Others requesting to submit proposals as the principal investigator for the first time must obtain special approval.  The request must be communicated to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies early in the proposal stage.  This will allow time to review the situation for the appropriate approval.

Authorization for Non-Faculty PI Status:

To obtain authorization for any non-faculty staff member, a request letter must be written and signed by both the Dean and Department Head.  The letter must also contain the following information:

  • Name of staff member for whom authorization is being requested.
  • Reason that staff member should be authorized to submit.
  • Is request for a “blanket” authorization, for specific types of proposals, or only for a single proposal.

The request should be sent to Kristin Sarver at the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at