Monthly Review of Your Awards

As a Principal Investigator, you and your support staff will find it necessary to access some of the financial information on your award.  The financial information is available through GM AIMS located through One Purdue Portal.

When you access GM AIMS you should be able to view the awards to which you are a PI or Co-PI.  As support staff to a PI or Co-PI you should be able to view their awards.  If you have an award and do not have access to the award on GM AIMS please contact us at

This access to GM AIMS is important because you will need to review your award reports.  In addition, this access allows you to view current balances, payroll, expenditures and commitments on your award.  This access will also allow you to view account projections.

As the Principal Investigator, it is your responsibility to review all expenses that are charged to the award and certify that the expenses are allocable.  Payroll expenses are certified with Personnel Activity Reports (PARS) that are completed 3 times per year.  For all other expenses, you should review monthly reports and notify your Post-Award Manager should there be any discrepancies.  When closing the award your post award manager will send you a list of the inception-to-date expenses on the award for your review and certification (completed with an acknowledgement over e-mail).