Researchers at Purdue Cal Patent New Coke Fuel Process

Researchers at Purdue University’s Calumet campus in Hammond, Indiana created a new  less-expensive process for producing coke, a derivative of coal used in the making of steel, and received a U.S. patent for their discovery. Patent number 8,287,696 was awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in October to Purdue-Calumet physics professor Robert Kramer and four other inventors.

Image from Library of Congress

(Library of Congress)

The Purdue-Calumet process uses enhanced blending techniques that meet coke quality requirements and also generate gas from the pyrolysis stage in the process with other potential economic benefits. “By using lower cost Indiana/Illinois Basin coal, net coal coke costs can be reduced,” says Kramer, who is also director of the university’s Energy Efficiency and Reliability Center. Kramer calculates, “producing coke with a blend that includes 20 to 40 percent of Indiana/Illinois coal would reduce overall production costs significantly.”

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Municipal Solid Waste Characterization Study for Indiana

Waste Charaterization Study for Indiana prepared by Harvey Abramowitz and Yu Sun is available on-line.  The report was submitted to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Recycling Market Development Board.  Funding for this projected was provided by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Northwest Indiana Area Health Education

The Northwest Indiana Area Health Education Center (NWI AHEC) is a program at Purdue University Calumet sponsored by the School of Nursing.  Its mission is to improve health by recruiting, educating, and retaining healthcare professionals for underserved communities in Indiana.  The NWI AHEC plays an important role in providing these communities in Indiana, both rural and inner city, with health care professionals prepared to meet their needs.

One method used to achieve this goal is to recruit from within such neighborhoods and to start young.  Studies show that students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds are much more likely to return to these challenging environments to work when they complete their training as they choose to give back and to make a local difference. Termed as “Grown Your Own”, the NWI AHEC provides summer enrichment activities to expose such young students to opportunities in healthcare careers.

A two day camp is being offered this summer in partnership with the School of Nursing and St. Catherine Hospital.  Ten area high school students will participate in Discover Nursing. One day is spent on campus in the nursing laboratory where students are able to interact with faculty and nursing students and to practice skills such as taking blood pressures.  On the second day students visit various hospital departments for job shadowing with staff nurses.

Dean Peggy Gerard has embraced the relationship with the NWI AHEC as it builds on the mission of the School of Nursing itself which includes preparing nurses to serve a diverse and culturally rich society. You can read more about the NWI AHEC and the entire Indiana AHEC network .

Northwest Indiana Area Health Education Center

NIH Regional Seminar

Beth A. Vottero, PhD, ERN, CNE, Assistant Professor of Nursing, attended the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Regional Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration in Indianapolis on April 17 and 18, 2012.  The seminar was attended by 600 researchers and administrators from 8 countries more than 35 NIH representatives were in attendance.  Dr. Vottero compiled a listing of key points discussed during the seminar.


Any questions about the seminar can be addressed to Maja Marjanovic at maja.marjanovic@purduecal.edu.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) invite you to participate in the 2012 Regional Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.