Internal Funding Opportunities

Title of Award



Submission Deadline

PUC Faculty Summer Research Grant

$3,000 each.

January 29

March 20

Purdue Calumet Faculty Proposal Development Grant – Spring Call

$2,500 each.

February 19

March 27

PRF Summer Faculty Grant

$8,000 per faculty – (3-4 awards per year – based on PRF funding)

February 26

April 14


WL must be informed no later than May 8th of the recipients.

PRF International Travel Grant – Spring Call

About 7 awards at $1,000 per award.

March 24

April 17

Best Paper/Poster -Awarded on Student Research Day


Awarded During Student Research Day

Two-page summaries are due on March 2

PRF International Travel Grant (Spring 2015 Award)

About 7 awards at $1,000 per award.

October 8

November 1

Purdue Calumet Proposal Development Grant (Spring 2015 Award)

$2,500 each.

October 8

November 1



About 12 awards at $300 or less.


No deadline.  Must submit an application 3 weeks prior to event.

PUC Undergraduate Research Grant / Fall and Spring



Fall Deadline: Third Sunday of the fall semester by 11:59 PM

Spring Deadline: Third Sunday of the spring semester by 11:59 PM