Final Call for Undergraduate Research Grants Proposals (Deadline: Feb 3rd)

Notification: The deadline for submission of the Undergraduate Research Grant Proposal is February 3rd.

The Student Research Office (SRO) is soliciting applications for the Undergraduate Research Grant Program. All PUC undergraduate students in all fields of study are eligible for this grant. The grant will fund up to $300 for individual projects and $600 for group projects in order to cover research expenses (not student stipends) for a research project that a PUC student conducts with a PUC faculty mentor. The funds should be spent before the earlier date of the students’ graduation or December 31, 2013. Students from all schools at PUC are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: This coming Sunday, February 3, 2013 (by 11:59 PM)

There will be NO exceptions to the deadline.

Applications will include two MS Word Files, one is a separate cover sheet and another is the proposal of no more than 2 pages. Students will submit this application to their mentors for review. Mentors are asked to review but not write the application. Once the mentors review and approve the application, they will forward the completed application to no later than 11:59 PM on February 3, 2013. Please put all identifying information on the cover sheet, and not in the proposals which will go through a blind review process.

The application should be submitted to the Student Research Office by the mentors, not by the students. This will ensure the approval of the application by the mentors.

Please note that by submission of this application students agree that if they receive URG funding they will present their research during Spring 2013 Student Research Day.

Undergraduate Research Grant proposal information.