Proposal Development Grant Awardees Announced

Office of Research and Graduate Studies


Date: December 19, 2012

From: Chenn Zhou, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies

Re: Proposal Development Grant – Phase I

Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the Proposal Development Grant – Phase I. This grant has been designed to support Purdue Calumet faculty members in writing high quality external proposals.

We would like to thank the review committee chair Professor Neeti Parashar, and the review committee members, Professor Hairong Zhao, Professor Lisa Hopp, Professor Charles Rarick, Professor Frank Colucci, Professor Jose Pena, and Professor Lynn Zimmerman.

We are pleased to announce the Purdue Calumet Proposal Development Grant (Phase I). This grant has been designed to support Purdue Calumet faculty members in writing high quality external proposals in support of their teaching and research. Specific guidelines for this initiative are listed below.


The Office of Research and Graduate Studies will provide up to $2,500 per award which can be used as follows:

1. 0.25 FTE time release for PUC faculty members during the spring semester, 2013. Approvals from department head and dean are required.

2. Proposal development funds for travel, equipment, supplies or student stipends. A budget justification is required.

Each award recipient must attend a monthly meeting held during the spring semester, 2013.

· Regular meetings with other grant writers will sustain an environment of formal review of draft proposals. The meetings intend to improve proposal clarity and will allow monitoring of proposal preparation progress. Awardees will also have the opportunity to meet with PI’s who have experience in writing successful grants.


Applicant must be a full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty member. Phase I awardees must submit their full grant proposals to an external funding agency by August 15, 2013 (External proposals for Phase II grant, which will be announced during the Spring semester, will need to be submitted to a funding agency by December 31, 2013).

Application Guidelines:

Submit an application electronically to Application should include the following information: (minimum font size 11pt., Times New Roman, 1” margins)

Page 1: Cover page

1. Name:

2. Rank:

3. Department:

4. Name of the external agency where the grant proposal will be submitted:

(Please include a link for the RFP from the external agency)

5. Average amount of funding allowed by the agency for a single proposal:

6. Amount of funding requested from the external agency:

Page 2: Project Summary

1. Need, justification, goals, and objectives (Must include appropriate references in support of justification and need; must clearly outline the project objectives and goals)

2. Intellectual merit of the project

3. Broader impact of the project

Please note: Reviewers will have general expertise, but may not have expertise in your particular subject matter. As a result, you should write for a general audience.

Page 3: Prior work, pilot work/project, relevant publications

1. Brief description of prior grant activities relevant to the proposal

2. Brief description of pilot work/project relevant to the proposal

3. List of scholarly works (last 3 years only) relevant to the proposal

4. List of PRF or Purdue Calumet awards received in the past

5. Was this proposal, or a version of this proposal, submitted to a funding agency (same or different agency) in the past?

Page 4: Work schedule and budget justification

1. Timeline for proposal preparation

3. Budget justification (Approvals from department head and dean are required if 0.25 FTE time release is requested)

Page 5: One-page CV of the applicant

Evaluation Criteria:

Each proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

· Quality of the proposal based on —————————- 60%

­ clearly articulated objectives and goals,

­ project need,

­ justification,

­ merit, and

­ impact

· Feasibility for success ——— —————————– 20%

· Evidence of pilot work toward the grant proposal ——– 10%

· Scholarly works in the area of proposed project ———- 10%

· Preference will be given to those who have not received similar awards in the last two years.

· Preference will be given to proposals that attract indirect cost recovery.


All application materials must be submitted to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies by November 30, 2012. Submissions must be electronic, and should be sent to as a single attachment.

Beth Vottero
Title: Assistant Professor of Nursing
Department: Nursing
Proposal Submission Agency: NIH

Bin Chen
Title: Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Proposal Submission Agency: NIH

Ge Jin
Title: Assistant Professor of CITG
Department: CIT&G
Proposal Submission Agency: NSF

Michael Tu
Title: Assistant Professor of Computer Information Technology
Department: CIT&G
Proposal Submission Agency: NSF

Nicoleta Tarfulea
Title: Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department: Math, Computer Science and Statistics
Proposal Submission Agency: NSF