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This is a Photo of a Fall 2014 SGA Senate Meeting and the Swearing in of Newly Appointed Senators

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Teikesha’s Burn Victim Fund

Teikesha's Burn Victim Fundraiser

On Saturday, December 6, 2014, Teikesha (‘Kesha’) Williams, daughter of Willie and Ella Williams, sustained a severe thermal burn injury to over 70% of her body.  Kesha was decorating the family Christmas tree for the holiday season and was just two weeks shy from graduating  with a Master of Science in Education from Purdue University.

2015-02-07 PNWSGA Unification Update

PUC and PNC representatives standing next to the newly drafted Unification Projection Plan

  The PNWSGA Unification Efforts     The Student Government of the Calumet and North Central Campuses will Function as they are until unification.  As the two campus governments join together, they will operate in a unified manner under the Purdue North West Student Government Association name with a unified mission and set of values. […]

Section 1:Ratification

This instrument, being supplemental and subordinate to the Constitution of the Student Government of Purdue University Calumet, shall take effect upon ¾ the approval of the Legislature, and the signature of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice-President and Director of Campus Life. Student Body President:Date: Student Body Vice President:Date: Director of Campus Life:Date: Date […]

Section 3: Legislative Committees

Rules & Internal Affairs Committee (RC) Shall be responsible for interpreting the Student Government Association Constitution and its By-Laws. Shall be responsible for interpreting Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure with regard to the Student Government Constitution and its By-Laws Shall be responsible for interpreting and making the necessary revisions to the Standing Rules […]

Section 2: Committee Structure

There will be 9 standing committees within the Student Senate, as it is stated in the Constitution. Each of these committees shall be chaired by an elected, or appointed, Senator, with the exception of the Appeals Committee, which shall be chaired by the advisor of the Student Government Association. The makeup of these committees shall […]

Section 1: Committee Procedure

Call of meetings. Standing committees shall meet at least once every two full class (2) weeks during the fall and spring semesters, at the time and place prescribed by the chairperson. A simple majority of the committee’s membership may, by written petition, instruct the chair to schedule a meeting. The chair shall provide standard three-day […]

Section 2: Executive Board

Documenting Attendance. For every Executive Board meeting, the Executive Assistant to the President shall take attendance and keep records of that. Any Executive Board member not in attendance for an Executive Board meeting shall be assessed with an absence. All absences shall be submitted to the Executive Assistant to the President. Attendance Policy. Should any […]

Section 1: Legislature

Documenting Attendance. Immediately after calling the Senate to order, and immediately before declaring the Senate adjourned, the Student Body Vice President shall cause the roll to be called to establish the presence of a quorum and to confirm the attendance of Senators. Any Senator not in attendance for such a roll call, shall be assessed […]