About Us

Our Mission

The SGA empowers students, encouraging participation in shared governance and engagement in students in university life. We create a vibrant and unified university for the betterment of the reputation of  Purdue University. 

For Students By Students

What is Student Government Association?

The Student Government of Purdue University Calumet serves as the chief advocate for student interests at their University.  As one of four governance groups, Student Government represents students’ perspectives to faculty, staff, and administrators; provides representatives to University committees; and catalyzes inventive projects by which to improve students’ college experiences.  Student Government comprises the Executive Board, which supports the Student Body President and advances the objectives of his or her administration, the House of representatives which is comprised of student representatives designated by their organizations to represent the interests and membership of their organizations in legislative matters and decisions made by and for student government and the Student Senate, whose delegates are elected from and represent the seven Colleges as well as commuter and residential students. The impressive capabilities of Student Government depend on student support and engagement, so all students are encouraged to become involved! Participation may be as simple as posting messages to our social media pages or as dedicated as running for office. Annual elections take place in the spring semester, at which time students may elect their president, vice president, and Senators for the coming year. Students who wish to make more flexible commitments to Student Government may join as Representatives and support officers in their projects. While students gain invaluable leadership experience through their relationships with Student Government, they simultaneously enrich Campus Life. If you have comments or suggestions that you would like to share with your Student Government, or if you would like an application for membership, please contact them at 219.989.2885 or studentgovernment@purduecal.edu.

The Student Government Association is the voice of the students and creates a strong and effective organization that empowers students.

The Student Government Association:

  • Represents a diverse student body.
  • Promotes necessary change of policy for the student body.
  • Provides the means to address student concerns.
  • Promotes awareness of campus policies.
  • Empowers credible student organizations that respect students’ priorities.
  • Builds leaders to help students understand their rights and the power they have to make change.
  • Creates a supportive atmosphere on campus.
  • Establishes good relationships with the students and administrators of Purdue University Calumet.