Student Body President; David Ober Addresses Purdue Board of Trustees

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Members of the Board, President Córdova, Provost Woodsen. It is a great privilege and honor to have the opportunity to speak to you on behalf of the Student Body of Purdue University Calumet.

I am excited to report that Purdue University Calumet has reached a new record level of enrollment this fall semester. A total of 10,133 students enrolled this year, a figure that represents a 9 percent increase over last year’s enrollment. There has also been a 16 percent increase in graduate student enrollment and a 22 percent increase in international student enrollment for this fall semester. The amount of students attending Purdue University Calumet full-time reached 61 percent. Additionally, our University Village Phase I and II apartment complex is filling up, reaching 80 percent capacity.

I am happy to say that the first year for the newly restructured Student Government Association has continued to make tremendous strides in the right direction. We are following the example of the West Lafayette campus by making sustainability a priority, in an effort to reduce the environmental footprint of Purdue Calumet. We are doing this by enhancing the already existing recycling programming and educating our students, faculty and staff on the importance of our sustainability efforts.

A major change Purdue Calumet students will notice in the coming months is the switch of our student email system to Google Apps Education Edition. This will provide students with new tools to help manage their time and collaborate more effectively with their professors and fellow students.

The Student Government Association is also working on implementing something that many campuses in the Purdue Family already enjoy, and that is a break in October. We are currently gathering research and data from our peer institutions, and surveying our student body to help build the case for a similar break at Purdue Calumet.

We are also working on addressing the rising prices of textbooks by passing legislation that would increase the circulation of used textbooks. This legislation also encourages open access textbooks, and ultimately increases the ability for students to make informed and practical purchase decisions regarding their textbooks.

Our students have had some success stories of their own. We had a four-member team of students from PUC’s School of Management place 3rd in a recent case study competition sponsored by the Indiana CPA Society.

A team of three Purdue University Calumet mechatronics engineering technology students placed first in a recent national packaging contest. They had to come up with a solution to create an automated palletizing system that combined production speed and efficiency with low cost and maintenance.

We are very proud of what the Student Body is doing and how the Student Government is progressing. I appreciate having this opportunity to share with you our accomplishments. Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. Thank you.