University Housing Network Acceptable Use (VII.C.1)

University Housing Network Acceptable Use (VII.C.1)

Volume VII, Information Technology
Chapter C, University Housing Network Acceptable Use
Issuing Office: OVCIS
Responsible Officer: VCIS
Responsible Office: OVCIS
Originally Issued: July 2003
Revised: February 15, 2012

Statement of Policy
Reason for Policy
Who Should Know This Policy

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Statement of Policy

The University has a responsibility to both our Housing Network users and the greater Internet community to protect them from each other. This policy is meant to help educate, inform, and provide a basis for good Net-etiquette. They are meant to help foster a friendly, safe, and clean network environment for housing network users.

All users of the Purdue University Calumet Residential Network (RESNET) will be subject to this Acceptable Use Policy.

  1. I shall be responsible for all use of this network connection and recognize that its use is a privilege and not a right.
  2. I shall not use this network connection for any commercial purpose or to host data services for other people or groups, and I shall not share this network connection beyond my own use.
  3. I shall not attempt to deceive others about my identity in electronic communications or network traffic. I understand that usage of unassigned resources (such as IP numbers, DNS names, etc) is prohibited.
  4. I shall not attempt to access accounts, files, or information belonging to other users without their knowledge and explicit consent.
  5. I shall not use this network connection to threaten, intimidate, or harass others.
  6. I shall not use my network connection to engage in any form of illegal software sharing, file sharing, copying, or engage in any way in other types of copyright infringement. I shall comply with the United States copyright law and with the copyright policy of Purdue University. I understand that I can access information on copyright from the Purdue University Copyright Office at
  7. I understand that this network connection is subject to monitoring as defined by the Purdue University Calumet Acceptable Use Policy and the policy on Privacy for Electronic Information.

  • All residents must register their computers connected to RESNET their assigned PUID and password.
  • Computers connected to RESNET must have the university supplied Network Access Control Agent (NAC Agent) installed.  No one will be granted access to RESNET without the installation of the NAC Agent. This agent communicates with a central server to check the security status of the operating system and applications on connected computers. The software checks machines periodically to make sure the most up-to-date antivirus software and definitions are installed.  If the NAC Agent is removed while connected to RESNET, your computer, network access will be severely limited.  The NAC Agent may not be available for all platforms. Information Services reserves the right to require the NAC Agent on any platform at any time.
  • Computers connected to RESNET must have Antivirus software installed along with the most recently available virus definition file.  The NAC Agent will severely limit network access for computers that are not up to date.  The University provides free copies of anti-virus software which is available at the Customer Service Center or Computer Operations.  In addition to installing the software, it must be kept up to date.  For assistance, call the Customer Service Center at 219-989-2888.
  • The computer’s operating system must have the most recent updates installed.  The NAC Agent informs and assists in making sure that computers are up to date with current operating system and software patches, updates, and fixes which are critical to maintaining a safe computer environment.
  • No server of any kind will be allowed on RESNET.  The University provides all students with web server space for personal websites.
  • No file sharing software is allowed on RESNET.  Please refer to the Peer to Peer Usage Policy for more information.
  • No routers are allowed on RESNET.  Students should use an Ethernet hub or switch instead of a router.
  • No personal wireless access points are allowed.  Purdue Calumet provides wireless access throughout all residence halls.  Any resident found to be interfering with the university wireless network will be referred to the University Housing Office.
  • No static IP’s will be allowed to any system.
  • No network attacks of any kind will be tolerated.

Reason for Policy

This policy outlines the responsible use of the Purdue University Calumet Residential Network.  Rules are in place to ensure quality of and access to RESNET for all residents. Abuse of this privilege can and will result in loss of access to the RESNET service.

Who Should Know This Policy

Vice Chancellors
Directors / Department Heads
All Employees
All Students Residents
Student Organizations


Subject    Contact    Telephone    E-mail

Problems with RESNET    Customer Service Center     989-2888

Questions about this policy    Vice Chancellor Information Services

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