Determine Recruitment Plan

Will the Search be Waived?

Determine Recruitment Plan
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Waiver Procedures

In order to achieve equal access and equal employment opportunity, it is generally necessary to post all positions.

There are a few concretely defined circumstances under which a waiver of posting may be permitted.
Instances in which waivers may be permitted include:

  • A current Purdue University Calumet employee whose position is being eliminated due to a reduction-in-force.
  • The unit has secured a candidate with “special distinction” (i.e., rare expertise in a specialized field, internationally renowned).
  • This position will exist only if this individual with unique education, training, and experience is interested and available.
  • The terms of the grant or contract require the appointment of the defined individual.
  • As part of the recruitment in another unit on campus, the candidate is a qualified “dual-career” spouse or partner.

In such instances, appropriate documentation must be submitted to HR/Affirmative Action Officer for approval of a waiver of posting. Required documentation includes the following:

  • A Position Description,
  • A memo from the unit Vice Chancellor justifying the candidate’s selection and stating the reasoning as to why the position should not be posted and a search conducted, and
  • A copy of the candidate’s résumé.