Post and Advertise Position

HR prepares posting summary and writes advertisement

Establish Search Committee
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Department prepares posting summary and writes advertisement for Faculty searches.


HR takes information from the position description and creates a posting summary for the PUC employment website ( HR also creates ads that can be placed in other sources such as a local newspaper or online sources.

Faculty departments create a posting summary and advertisements for Faculty Searches. When a new faculty vacancy occurs, or a new position is created, a description of the position (ad) and the minimum qualifications must be submitted to the VCAA and the Affirmative Action Office. The ad should reflect all of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required for the position. An electronic version of the ad is necessary for review.

Once the ad and the Form 9 have been received and approved by the VCAA and Affirmative Action Office, the position will then be posted on the PUC employment website.