Establish Search Committee

Hiring Supervisor appoints Search Committee Chair and Search Committee Members

Establish Search Committee
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The Search Committee should have members who have legitimate and direct interests in the selection process. Criteria used in selecting the Search Committee members often include the following:

  • knowledge of the substantive area
  • demonstrated ability in promoting a deliberative process
  • knowledge of the campus and its surrounding communities
  • strong interpersonal and recruitment skills

The members of the Search Committee should possess sensitivity to affirmative action issues. When possible, women and minorities from within the unit should be represented on all Search Committees to offer diverse perspectives and different ideas that may enhance efforts to recruit and evaluate candidates.  However, since these individuals tend to be asked frequently to serve on an array of committees, this may not always be feasible. There is certainly no objection to including women or minorities from other departments or administrative units or enlisting their help in the search process.  Human Resources and the Affirmative Action Office are available to meet with the committee or to serve as a resource at any point in the search process. The Search Committee will want to evaluate all steps of its search in terms of affirmative action, with particular attention to the danger of unintentionally introducing any kind of discriminatory practice into the process.

The Charge

The charge to the Search Committee must be clear and precise. Ambiguity in the charge, in the role of the committee, or in the extent of its authority can create confusion that will hamper and delay the selection process at crucial points.  Ideally, a Search Committee should be as small as possible, yet large enough to include as many legitimate interests as possible. It must be remembered that it takes time to meet as often as a Search Committee will find necessary. The more members, the more difficult it is to have everyone present for the meetings — all of which are important.