Establish Search Committee


Establish Search Committee
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Some staff hiring at Purdue University Calumet is conducted through the use of a Search Committee. Positions for which a search committee may be formed include Executive, Administrative, and Managerial openings, as well as any position in which the hiring supervisor or unit head deems the use of search committee as essential to the success of the search.

The following faculty positions do not require a full search:

  • Temporary appointments limited to a specific time or term lasting not longer than one year.
  • Appointments for less than half-time, which cannot be increased to 50 percent or greater time without a full search.
  • Visiting and adjunct faculty appointments for a maximum of one year (up to three years if funded by a grant), made with the understanding that positions so filled will be subject to full searches should the terms be extended beyond the mandatory limit.
  • Student appointments made with the understanding that a department wishing to retain a student employee as a faculty member must post this opening and conduct an open search in which the student employee competes with other comparably qualified candidates. Student appointments include the following categories:

– Post-doctoral Research Associates or Post-doctoral Fellows

– Visiting Scholars

– Interns

– Residents

– Pharmacy Externs

– Fellows

– Trainees

– Teaching Assistants

– Graduate Research Assistants

– Undergraduate Research Assistants – Pre-doctoral Fellows


Reminder: Individuals appointed to positions without a search being conducted must be informed that subsequent offers of employment will not be made to them unless they are selected as the result of an approved search.


Human Resources/Affirmative Action Office is available as a resource to departments should they have any questions or wish for a review of position announcements for appointments that do not require a full search.

It is important for every member of the Search Committee to thoroughly understand the requirements of the position to be filled, the needs of the department or unit, University policies regarding equal employment opportunity, and the mission of the University in order to assure the prospect of a successful search.

It is entirely possible for the Search Committee to be the only personal contact many applicants and candidates will have with the University. Therefore, the Search Committee is provided with an excellent opportunity to enhance the reputation and image of Purdue University. Always bear in mind that while a Search Committee is evaluating a candidate, the candidate is also evaluating the Search Committee, the department or unit it represents, and, ultimately, the University.