Event Information

Events for 2014 Purdue Calumet Regional Science Olympiad

         Division B (Grades 6 – 9)                                                          Division C (Grades 9 – 12)

Event                           Discipline                             Event                                      Discipline

Anatonmy  Biology    Anatonmy & Physiology  Biology
Disease Detectives Biology    Designer Genes Biology
Entomology Biology    Disease Detectives Biology
Heredity Biology    Entomology Biology
Water Quality Biology    Water Quality Biology
Can’t Judge a Powder Chemistry   Chem Lab Chemistry
Crime Busters Chemistry   Forensics Chemistry
Write It/Do It Chemistry   Technical Problem Solving Chemistry
Dynamic Planet Earth Science   Write It/Do It Chemistry
Meterology Earth Science   Dynamic Planet Earth Science
Road Scholar Earth Science   Geologic  Mapping Earth Science
Rocks & Minerals Earth Science   Rocks & Minerals Earth Science
Boomilever Engineering   Boomilever Engineering
RoboCross Engineering   Circuit Lab Engineering
Rotor Egg Drop Engineering   Elastic Launched Glider Engineering
Shock Value Engineering   Maglev Engineering
Wheeled Vehicle Engineering   materials Science Engineering
Helicopter Engineering    Bungee Drop Engineering
Experimental Design Physics    Scrambler Engineering
Metric Mastery Physics    Astronomy Physics
Simple Machines Physics    Mission Possible Physics
Solar System Physics    Compound Machines Physics
Sounds of Music Physics    Experimental Design Physics


Details of Events:

The details about the events can be reviewed on the Official Science olympiad website.
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Order Rules Manual:

Note: All the coaches will be mailed out the Rules Manual once after they register for the Regional event. If you want to get an extra manual or one without registering for the event, it can be ordered online directly from the Official Website of Science Olympiad Inc for both divisions B and C separately. 

Division_B_rules                   Div c rules

Rule Clarifications

Some rules of the events have been reviewed/modified and/or clarified by the National Board . These modifications/clarifications will apply to events at all Indiana competitions.
See the Rule Clarifications at the official page of Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad
In addition to this there may be rule clarifications provided by the Indiana State Board. These will apply to all competitions  in Indiana. See the Rule Clarifications by the Indiana State Board .

Event Schedule

The event schedule has been updated on the Event Schedule Page.
See the Detailed Event Schedule.