About Us

What We Do

The Small Business Development Center counsels existing companies, as well as start-ups, on a wide range of business topics. The Centers can assist your organization in writing or updating its business and marketing plans; help you analyze your financial needs, and show you how to raise funds for your business.

Our Network

The Indiana Small Business Development Center Network is composed of 10 regional offices. Each of these offices serves a number of counties in the region where it is located.

Our Mission

The mission of the Northwest ISBDC is to have a positive and measurable impact on the formation, growth, and sustainability of small businesses and develop strong entrepreneurial communities in the Northwest Indiana region.

Our Vision

The ISBDC Network aims to accomplish its mission through a continuous focus on impact, realizing it is not enough to hold training events and meet with clients, but that tangible value needs to be provided to our clients as a result of outcome-focused SBDC engagement. All engagement has a primary focus on the existing entrepreneur or business and on viable new business opportunities with the prompt identification, documentation and communication of client needs and action plans.

In serving ISBDC clients, our activities involve consistent follow-up and ongoing concern for the future needs and enterprises of existing clients, consistency in product and program offerings and delivery, and connection to internal and external programs, products, resources and partners.