PRF Summer Faculty Research Grant

On behalf of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, as well as the Purdue Calumet Research Board, we are pleased to announce the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) Summer Research Grant competition for 2014. Grants are designed to support faculty to continue full-time scholarly work during the summer.


 There will be up to three research grant awards in the summer 2014. Each research grant recipient will receive $8,000.


The applicant, who cannot have received more than one previous PRF Summer Faculty Grant, must fall into one of the categories below:

  • Untenured assistant or associate professor, in the tenure track.
  • Assistant or associate professor who obtained tenure no more than three years prior to the summer for which they are requesting support.
  • Projects for the development of a course or teaching laboratory are not eligible.


The application should contain the following documents as part of the application process:

  • Application Form (see attached form)
  • Research proposal not to exceed 5 double spaced pages (12 point font) that includes: abstract, statement of the problem, significance of the problem, and a plan of research
  • Vitas (no more than 2 pages for each PI)

 Proposals should be written in terms appropriate for reviewers who are familiar with the general area of the proposed research but whose expertise may not specifically coincide with the topic of the proposal. The application form contains a check-off list for research involving animals (PACUC), humans (IRB), and/or recombinant DNA, infectious agents, or unfixed human fluids, human tissues, or human cell lines (IBC). If your plan of research requires any of these regulatory approvals, you must indicate this by checking the appropriate space on the application cover page.

Applicant Submission 

Please send all application documents via email to by Monday, April 14, 2014.  No hard copy applications will be accepted. 

Once all applications have been received we will contact Deans and Department Heads for their approval.


Applications will be ranked according to merit by a review committee composed of faculty members chosen by the PUC Research Board and representing all Colleges from which applications were submitted. 

Applications will be ranked on:

1)    Originality and clarity of the proposed project

2)    Intellectual contribution, in keeping with the mission of PUC

3)    Feasibility for project success

4)    Potential for contributing to future academic development

5)    Evidence of professional skills and scholarly ability related to this project.

6)    Potential for developing external grant proposal


A PRF Summer Research Grant recipient receives a salary of $8,000 (less taxes) for two summer months (8-weeks) of employment to support the work outlined in their proposal. The recipient may not hold another appointment during the 8-week grant period.

Supplementation during the Summer Research Grant Period 

While the PRF Summer Research Grant provides salary for two summer months (8 weeks) of employment, this amount may not be equivalent to the normal salary the recipient would receive for that time period. The academic department may supplement the Grant up to the equivalent (100% salary) that could have been received for two summer months of employment under the ‘Guidelines for Summer Session Support’  issued by the Provost. The Grant may be supplemented during the eight week Grant period with the use of unrestricted gift funds ONLY. The use of general funds or other sponsored research funds are not allowable. If the academic department chooses to supplement the Grant, this supplement must support the purpose for which the Grant was received and does not represent additional assignments.

Summer Employment outside the PRF Summer Research Grant Period

Summer appointments before or after the grant period are allowable subject to the summer session support guidelines relevant to the funding source of the appointment. Refer to the ‘Guidelines for Summer Session Support’ issued by the Provost to determine the impact of the receipt of the Grant and any supplement on the total amount the recipient can earn during the summer session.

Regulatory Compliance

If your research involves the use of animals (PACUC), humans (IRB), and/or recombinant DNA, infectious agents, or unfixed human fluids, human tissues, or human cell lines (IBC), all appropriate approvals must be secured prior to distribution of Summer Faculty Grant funds. Funds cannot be awarded retroactive to the university approvals.

Reporting Requirement

All recipients of PRF Faculty Summer Research Grants will be required to submit a one-page report regarding this research no later than August 31, 2014.  Report must be submitted to Award recipients must make a presentation of the results from their summer award at PUC Faculty Research Day 2014. 

If you need additional information or have questions, please contact or (219)989-3264.