Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Grant

Call for Applications, February 22, 2016

Application Deadline:  April 4, 2016

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies will soon be accepting applications for the Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Grant for Summer 2016.

1. Objective

Summer Faculty Grant awards provide faculty salary (up to $8,000) to enable successful applicants to continue full-time scholarly work during the summer and may not be held concurrently with any other appointment. Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Grants (PRF/SFG) will be distributed through the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships (EVPRP).

 2. Award

Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Grants (PRF/SFG) will be distributed through the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships (EVPRP) up to $8,000 for summer salary (plus associated fringe benefits) per faculty.

  1. A Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Grants (PRF/SFG)  recipient can receive a faculty salary for up to two summer months (8-weeks) of employment which supports the work outlined in their proposal. Faculty must work consecutive 8 weeks on this project and may not hold another appointment during the same two month grant period.
  2. While the Purdue Research Foundation provides $8,000 salary for two summer months (eight weeks) of employment, the amount provided might not be equivalent to the full salary the recipient would receive for that time period. The academic department may supplement the grant up to the equivalent (100 percent salary) that could have been received for two summer months of employment under the Guidelines for Summer Session Support issued by the Provost’s Office. The use of other sponsored research funds is not allowable. If the academic department chooses to supplement the grant, this supplement must support the purpose for which the grant was received and cannot represent additional assignments.

3. Qualifications

The awards are for full-time, research or tenure-track, academic year faculty members, who will be employed by the University in the following academic year, and are in the early stages of their careers. Qualified applicants must fall into one of the three categories listed below:

  1. Untenured assistant or associate professor; or an
  2. Associate professor who obtained tenure no more than three years prior to the summer for which they are requesting support.
  3. Applicants can receive up to two Summer Faculty Grants.
  4. Projects for the development of a course or teaching laboratory are not eligible

4. Application Deadline

The application deadline is April 4, 2016.  All applicants must fill out an online application form available here: Online Application Form.  Applications will not be accepted in any other format. 

5. Requirements

Awardees, without exception, must fulfill the following three (2) requirements.

  1. Submit a two page report by August 31, 2016 to orgs@purduecal.edu.
  2. Present the scholarly work resulting from the award at Faculty Research and Scholarship Day in the fall of 2016.

6. Application Guidelines

All applications must be completed electronically by visiting Online Application Form.  The following questions must be answered on the application form:


  1. Full name (Last, First, Middle)
  2. Position Title
  3. College
  4. Department


  1. Project Title
  2. List funding received from any internal or external source for this project in the past.  Please provide funding source, amount and year)
  3. Will this project be submitted to an external funding agency for funding?


Will your research involve the use of Animals, Humans, r-DNA bio-hazard materials, or other regulatory controls?  If yes, please provide approval number.


Attach a project narrative and ensure that the narrative meets all of the following criteria:

  1. 3 page maximum
  2. Times New Roman
  3. Singe spaced
  4. Font size 12
  5. 1” Margins
    1. Statement of the problem, need and objectives
    2. Goals
    3. What you intend to do, methodology, intellectual merit and broader impacts
    4. Expected outcome and dissemination plan
    5. Brief description of applicant’s prior activities related to the scholarly work
    6. Timeline


Please attach a Curricula Vitae (CV) no more than 2 pages.


  1. Reporting requirements : Please read and check the box acknowledging that you understand:
    1. All recipients must make a presentation of the results from the award at the annual Purdue Calumet Faculty Research and Scholarship Day during the Fall of 2016.
    2. All recipients must submit a report by August 31, 2016 to orgs@purduecal.edu.
  2. Please provide a PDF copy of your Department Head’s support and approval.  This can be a copy of an email from your Department Head.
  3. Please sign your full name certifying that all of the information provided is accurate. 

Application can be accessed by visiting: Online Application Form.

7. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by a review panel selected by the Research Board based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the proposal based on the following  ( 70% )
    1. clearly articulated needs, objectives, and significance
    2. methodology and timeline are feasible and aligned with the objectives
    3. intellectual merit, and
    4. broader impact
  2. Expected outcome of the Scholarly Work is sound and feasible ( 20% )
  3. Evidence of prior work toward the grant proposal ( 10% )

8. Contact

Melissa Higgason
Research Development Specialist
Ext. 2317