Internal Funding Opportunities

PRF Summer Faculty Grant:

PRF Summer Faculty Grants (PRF/SFG) will be awarded by the Purdue Research Foundation each year. Summer Faculty Grant awards enable successful applicants to continue full-time scholarly work during the summer and may not be held concurrently with any other appointment.

Proposal Development Grant:

This grant has been designed to support Purdue Calumet faculty members in writing high quality external proposals in support of their teaching and research.

Now accepting applications for Phase I. Deadline for submission is November 30th.

PUC Summer Faculty Research Grant:

PUC Faculty Research Grant is a Summer Grant.  The intent of these awards is to provide seed money to aid faculty in starting research projects, completing scholarly works, or more fully advancing research/scholarly works that are close to completion.  Annual announcements are distributed to academic deans early/mid February.

International Travel Grant:

The purpose of the International Travel Grant Program is to assist tenured or tenure-track faculty members in their scholarly pursuit by providing a portion of the travel costs to those who will have an active role (presenting papers or serving as officials) at recognized international meetings.  Annual announcements are distributed to academic deans early/mid February.