Purdue Calumet Summer Faculty Research Awardees

2015 Awards

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Purdue Calumet Summer Faculty Grants.

Name Title Project Title
Michael Tu Assistant Professor Automating Cybersecurity Incident Identification and Tracking in the Cloud
Taryn Eastland Assistant Professor Men’s perceptions of prostate cancer screening: Studying the impact of women on African American men
Nicole Evans Assistant Professor Identification and characterization of a large set of neuronal enhancers
Chen Ye Assistant Professor Evaluating the Task-Technology Fit of E-textbooks for College Students
Constantin Apostoaia Assistant Professor Condition Monitoring Innovation Of A Synchronous  Motor Drive Through Simulation And Visualization
Radmila Sarac Associate Professor Analysis of ethanol and GIRK channel interactions

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the review committee: Dr. Besma Smida, Dr. Mashone Parker Wright, Dr. Rachel Clapp Smith, Dr. Shuhui Yang, Melissa Higgason, and Dr. Hal Pinnick.


2014 Awards 

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 Purdue Calumet Summer Faculty Grants.



Project Title

Shuhui Yang

Assistant Professor of Math, Computer Science & Statistics

Communication Infrastructure for Sensor Networks in Cyber-Physical System

Colette Morrow

Associate Professor of English

Unveiling Apocalyptic Desire: Fallen Women in Eastern Literature

Tanya Stabler Miller

Assistant Professor of History

Lay Religious Women, University Clerics, and Religious Education in Medieval Paris

Mark Mabrito

Associate Professor of English

Games and Virtual Simulations for Teaching in the Humanities

Brenda Turgeon

Assistant Professor of Education

A Case Study: Investigation of a First Year Science Teacher’s Experience with Inquiry-Based Pedagogy

Mashone Parker-Wright

Assistant Professor of Education

Lived experiences of the first generation minority college student

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the review committee: Professors Nicoleta Tarfulea (Chair), Maria Longas, David Detmer, Mary Didelot, Raida Abuizam, Dolores Huffman, and Tae-Hoon Kim. This was a difficult task as there were many excellent proposals!

Please join us in congratulating these faculty members.


2013 Awards

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Purdue University  Calumet Summer Faculty Grants.



Project Title

Dr. Taryn Eastland

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Factors that Impact African American Women’s Promotion of Prostate Cancer Screening

Dr. Kaliappan Gopalan

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Speech-based Analysis of Physiological Stress using Perceptually Significant Features

Dr. Jay Lee

Associate Professor of Construction Management and Engineering Technologies

Determination of Response Time to Flood in Urban Drainage System Using Embedded Sensors and Computer Modeling

Dr. David Pick

Professor of Psychology

Use of the Familiarity Heuristic in Horses

Dr. Nicoleta Tarfulea

Associate Professor of Mathematics

The Effect of Latently Infected Cell Activation on HIV-infected Patients before and during HAART Therapy

Dr. Xiuling Wang

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Application of Adaptive Finite Element Technique for 3-D Wind Fields

Dr. Michael Zimmer

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Characterization of the Lipid-Binding Function of Granulysin

Please join us in congratulating the award recipients!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the review committee: Dr. Bin Chen (Chair), Dr. Raida Abuizam, Dr. David Detmer, Dr. Keyuan Jiang, Dr. Maria Longas, Dr. Shaka Rawls and Dr. Jane Walker. This was a difficult task as there were many excellent proposals!

2012 Awards

Please join me in congratulating the following faculty members who have been awarded the 2012 PUC Summer Research Grant. This award has been designed to encourage research during summer by PUC faculty members. I would like to thank the review committee chaired by Professor Jane Walker (Nursing) and consisting of Education:  Rita Brusca-Vega; EMS: Terence Dougherty; LASS:  Carolyn Boiarsky; Management:  Charles Rarick; School of Technology:  Jose Pena,  for their time in selecting the awardees.

The recipients are:




Proposal Title

Kathleen Paciga

Teacher Preparation


Mobile Technologies for Literacy Learning:  Identifying Gaps in the Survey Research

Xiaoli Yang

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Engineering, Math, & Science

Development of iPad-based Program for DNA Science Education

Ruijian Zhang

Math, Computer Science & Statistics

Engineering, Math, & Science

Applying Data Mining and High Performance Computing For Water Quality Assessment and Prediction

Constantin Apostoaia

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Engineering, Math, & Science

Simulation Platform for Electric Machines and Drives in Power Systems Program

Arifin Angriawan

Marketing, Human Resources, & Management


An Empirical Study of Entrepreneurial Intention

Songtao Mo Accounting Management Internal Control Reporting Requirements for Small Businesses
Su-Jeong Wee Behavioral Sciences Liberal Arts & Social Science Infant/toddler Teachers’ Role Definition and Meaning-making of their job; Cultural Implications for Early Childhood Teacher Education
Michael Zimmer Biological Sciences Engineering, Math, & Science Recognition of the antimicrobial peptide granulysin by immune cells
Shoji Nakayama Constructional Science & Organizational Leadership Technology Analysis on the correlation between Safety Priorities within Management and Accident Rates at Company Level in the construction Industry
Tae-Hoon Kim Computer Information Technology & Graphics Technology Performance Modeling, Measurement, and Evaluation of 4G wireless cellular network for Real-Time Warning System