Message from the Chair

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for visiting the Purdue University Calumet (PUC) Research Board website. The purpose of the PUC Research Board is to enhance the long-term quality and quantity of scholarship throughout the University by supporting meritorious research projects. The Board’s scope encompasses sponsored research and faculty research abroad; university research; and student research programs. The PUC community is fortunate to have a program to foster and encourage scholarship and research through the competitively awarded research program administered by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

nicolae-tarfuleaThe Research Board serves three primary functions: advocacy for research at PUC; development of research policy; and review of internal research grants and awards nominations. The Research Board promotes and supports basic, innovative and applied research; inter-and multi-disciplinary research; as well as the production of scholarly and creative works. In accordance with the mission of the University, the Research Board also supports research that addresses the multiple challenges faced by the Northwest Indiana region. The Research Board recognizes the crucial importance of freedom of thought and expression in the pursuit of research excellence and the innovation of knowledge. It serves as an advocate for observance to high standards of research ethics, integrity and conduct.

The members of the Research Board are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines across all six schools. They are responsible for soliciting reviews of applications, evaluating proposal quality, and making decisions concerning funding. The peer review process seeks the expertise of faculty and researchers from inside and outside the PUC.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and hope that you will participate in peer reviews in order to support the research and scholarly activity here at PUC.

Nicolae Tarfulea
Professor of Mathematics
Chair, PUC Research Board