Summer 2013 Semester Refunds


Course Fees, Technology Fees and Student Service Fees will be refunded for withdrawal under any one of the following conditions:

Summer 2013 Semester Refunds

  • Last day to drop at 100%,  6/07/2013
  • Last day to drop at 80%,    6/10/13 – 6/14/13
  • Last day to drop at 40%,    6/17/13 – 6/21/13
  •  After the Second week of classes,   No Refund

Note: The Refund Schedule above is for full term classes only and does not apply to classes that are workshop or off-calendar.  If you are registered for a worksopy or off-calendar course, contact the office of the Registrar for the Refund Schedule.

What You Should Know About Refunds

To be eligible for a refund, you must withdraw within the refund period (see schedule above). To officially withdraw from classes, students must submit an Add/Drop card to the Office of the Registrar, located in the Enrollment Services Center (Lawshe Hall, Room 130).

  • Last day to drop Summer 2013 courses is Friday, July 19, 2013 at 4:30PM

Note: By not attending classes you have not officially withdrawn from your classes at Purdue University Calumet. You must follow the withdrawal procedure outlined above to be officially withdrawn from a course. Failure to do so could result in getting a failing grade in the class.

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid refunds for summer (May 13 – August 2) are issued continuously based on a student’s course enrollment.  After tuition and fees are paid in full, refunds are issued on the first business day after the end of the 80% refund date for the first class of the student’s enrollment period, with the exception of loan refunds.  Loan refunds are issued at 50% on that first business day and 50% at the midpoint of the student’s entire enrollment period. 

Important:  As a student’s summer enrollment may span any one period or more between May 13 and August 2, the student’s enrollment will be reviewed and awards revised accordingly on May 13, June 10, and July 8, as required.(dates subject to change)  This may result in adjustments to refunds already issued.

To create your ACH payment profile for E- refunding go to PCSTAR, Payment Options, On-Line Payment System, and then click the Create a Refund Profile tab under Quick View.  Click Payment Profile and follow instructions provided.  (A reference document for creating your ACH payment profile for E-refunding is available at

Return of Financial Aid (Title IV) Funds

If you are the recipient of financial aid (Title IV) funds and withdraw from all of your classes prior to July 12, 2013 for the Summer 2013 semester, the institution is required to determine the amount of unearned financial aid funds that must be returned to the Title IV program(s). Depending on the amount of financial aid disbursed to you or into your account, you may be liable for a portion of the amount of unearned financial aid that must be returned to the Title IV program(s). To fully withdraw from the university, you can initiate the withdrawal process by contacting the Office of the Registrar at (219) 989-2181 or by visiting the Enrollment Services Center located in Lawshe Hall, Room 130.

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