Student Civility Code

Purdue University Calumet places a priority on student learning. We value the inherent worth and dignity of every person, thereby fostering a community of mutual respect. We believe that in order to achieve these ideals, all Purdue University Calumet students are expected, while in the role as student or representative of the university, to exhibit and practice civil behaviors, defined as behaviors that:

  1. Respect faculty, staff, fellow students, guests, and all  university property, policies, rules and regulations
  2. Take responsibility for one’s choices and actions
  3. Accept consequences of one’s inappropriate choices and actions
  4. Communicate in a professional and courteous manner in all forms, and at all times, whether verbal, non- verbal or written.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional definitions and information pertaining to this code, or please click on the following url link to the PDF version of Student Classroom Civility Guidelines for Students.