Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes is an on-line publication with key information such as University important dates, financial aid information, refund schedules, general information topics, campus telephone numbers, admissions and registration checklists, and student affairs offices.

Click on the url link for information sections from the Fall 2014 Schedule booklet.

For the 2014-2015 Purdue Calumet Academic Registration Calendar, please click on the following link for the three-column-one page version of the 2014/15 Registration Calendar  or click on the following alternate link for the Purdue Calumet Registration and Academic Calendar 2014 – 2015.  To access only the course offerings during the registration term, please click on the following link of Schedule of Classes .

Any questions related to Final Exam information and policy may be directed to Debra Irving-Holley in Academic Scheduling at (219) 989-1109 or email

The day and time for each final exam is based on the course’s starting time on the first meeting day each week or the combined lecture time.  Refer to the current Final Exam Policy and Schedule.  Look up the first meeting day of the week for your course on the Final Exam schedule. Final exams are scheduled in the regularly assigned classroom unless otherwise arranged.  Academic Scheduling will contact departments with a list of any classes with room conflicts. The instructor will then need to contact Debra Irving-Holley to arrange an alternate final exam location or time.

For the on-line web printable .pdf version copy of the 2014-2015 Listing of Advisors, click on the following link of Revised Advisor Major Code List 07-23-14 .

For the online location of Purdue Calumet academic Degree Maps, please visit the following url at  Catalog Degree Maps.