Cross-listing Course Guidelines

Cross listing courses is done by the Office of Scheduling for several purposes. First courses are cross listed to accommodate the needs of the academic departments to offer like courses using different levels, different subject codes or courses that cross academic disciplines and are taught by one instructor. Second, the cross listing codes allow the Office of Scheduling to accurately report an instructors FTE’s (Full Time Equivalency) to Human Resources . Third, cross listed course are essential to the Office of scheduling as it is our indicator that courses should be assigned to the same classroom for their combined meeting times. This information is also used for space management (use of the buildings/classrooms) reporting requirements for the University. The space management report is essential for the funding of the University as this report show the need for improvement and/or expansion of classrooms. Fourth, instructors that are teaching the same course at the same time require an override in banner, the cross list codes explains the purpose of the override.

Thus, it is imperative that all university combined courses be designated in banner with a cross list definition code.

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