The Office of the Registrar Academic and Classroom Scheduling works closely with the school and academic departments to coordinate the scheduling of classes. The resulting schedule is an important tool in meeting students’ curricular needs.

If a department decides to cancel a section because of insufficient enrollment or for other administrative reasons, the administrative assistant for that department must notify the Office of the Registrar Academic & Classroom Scheduling. It is the departmental administrative assistant’s responsibility to advise each student enrolled in that section to initiate a section changes for the course. If there is no other section for that course, the student will be officially dropped from the course.

Changes to the official schedule of classes for a given session shall be modified only by joint action of the department head, department secretary, and the Office of the Registrar Academic and Classroom Scheduling. An instructor shall not make an unauthorized change in the time and place of a scheduled course.

If you need to reserve the use of a classroom for academic purposes, you may do so through the Office of Scheduling via email by clicking on the following link of

Also listed below is a link which you may click on for information about Adding and Deleting Courses  in a .pdf version. 

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