How to Add or Drop a Course

How do I add a class?

Before classes begin, a student may go to their advisor to add a class, stop in the Office of the Registrar and present the schedule revision card or, they may add the course on the website.  If the student finds that the class in full, the Department Head must supply a signed extension form to the student.  This gives the person entering the class permission to override the limit set by the department.  This function cannot be accomplished on the web.

Once the semester begins, the web application shuts off for everything except viewing, so all schedule changes should be done in the Office of the Registrar.  The second week through the fourth week, the instructor’s signature is needed on the add/drop card.  The fifth week through the ninth week, the instructor’s signature, advisor’s signature and the department head’s signature are all needed to add a class.  This process may be used in extenuating circumstances only.

Certain restrictions may prevent students from adding on the web, such as time conflict, class full, pre/co requisites, major or level restrictions.  These same restrictions can be processed in the Office of the Registrar only with signature approval of the advisor.

How do I drop a class?

Students may drop a class and receive a full refund prior to the first week of classes. They must complete a schedule revision card at the Enrollment Services Center, Lawshe Hall 130. After the first week of classes the percentage refund changes, please see the Office of Student Accounts home page regarding refunds.

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