The Ceremony

Commencement Exercises
The Commencement Ceremony lasts approximately 2 hours. Participants will not be permitted to leave the Gymnasium until the ceremony is concluded.

The order of exercises will be as follows:

·         Academic Procession

·         Address to the Candidates

·         Conferring of Degrees

·         Recession for Platform Party

Conferring of Master’s Degrees
Master’s candidates will have their degrees conferred while they are standing at their seats.  When the signal is given, you will follow your Marshal to the stage.  As you come to the stage-right lectern, the Presenter Marshal will call your name. Proceed across the stage to receive your diploma. When you return to your seat, remain standing until the signal to be seated is given.

Conferring of Undergraduate Degrees
Undergraduate candidates will be presented to the Board of Trustees by school.  The Dean for each school will call for the baccalaureate candidates to stand and then call for the associate candidates to stand.  Once candidates in all schools have been presented, degrees are conferred.

Distribution of Undergraduate Diplomas
The Presenter Marshall will call the graduates to come forward as he asks the Marshals to escort them to the platform to receive their diplomas.  The Marshals will lead the graduates, by school, from the seating area in single-file procession order to the stage.  When you come to the stage-right lectern on stage,  hand your name card to the Presenter Marshal.  Once your name is called, you will proceed across the stage and receive your diploma. When you return to your seat, remain standing until the signal to be seated is given.

Conclusion of Ceremony
When all diplomas have been awarded and the graduates are back in their seats, the  Representative of the Senior Class will speak. There will be a Recessional for the Platform party.  Please remain seated until the music stops.

If you have any Commencement questions, please feel free to contact:

Kim Frazier
Graduation Coordinator 
(219) 989-2334 (work); Fax number is (219) 989-2771

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