Entering Grades for Spring 2013

Deadlin for all grades to be entered: Noon on May 15, 2013. 

All students must receive a grade and you cannot issue a “W” grade.  If you are issuing an “F” grade due to non-attendance,  please indicate the last date of attendance for our Financial Aid office.

If you have any questions, please call Judy Johnson at 219-989-2210.  If you have any technical issues call 219-989-2888/option #2.

Web Grade Process Instructions for Spring 2013 For Faculty

Go to the PUC website homepage: www.purduecal.edu

  1. Click on the Start Here . A box will appear and you should select MyPuc Portal  
  2. Type in Username: (career account)
  3.  Type in Password: (is alphanumeric)
  4. Login 
  5. Note: Your career account and password is the same combination you enter when using computers on campus.  If you do not know this combination, please call the tech support at 219-989-2888/option #2.
  6. Once you have logged on to myPUC, Click the tab: Faculty
  7. In the middle of the page you will see a  box titled: Faculty   PCStar  Self-Service   Main Menu  Click
  8. Select term and click submit.  Select option needed from the vertical list, i.e., midterm grades, final grades, class summary list, etc.
  9. Your CRN’s will appear in the window with the drop down box.  To print or view completed rosters select Summary Class List.  You will use this form for selecting mid-term grade option and the final grade option.  You may use this vertical list to check your success after submitting the grades you have entered.  Just re-click and submit the final grade option and you can see the grades you have entered.
  10. NOTE:  When entering grades, please scroll on the drop-down arrow and make the appropriate grade choice.  Every student must receive a grade.  Please do not enter any form of the “W” grade.  This may cause financial aid ineligibility for the student in the future.

Grade Rosters for Spring 2013

Following are instructions for your use in completing the grade rosters for the Spring 2012 session.  We ask that you read them carefully.  The deadline for submitting completed grade rosters is Wednesday, May 15, 2013, at Noon

1.         Electronic Grade Submission

  • Spring 2013 Grade Instructions for the electronic grade application are available to you through Web for Faculty.
  • Please call the Office of the Registrar at 989-2210 if you need any assistance.

2.         Grade Assignment Procedures

  • Valid Normal Grade Choices Are:  A, B, C, D or F (including optional +/- grades). You may need to scroll up or down to find your selection.
  • Select or enter the appropriate grade in the “GRADE” column corresponding to the student’s name.
  • If a “W” appears in the Grade Column, do not assign another grade.
  • LAST ATTEND DATE is required for students being issued an “F” grade due to non-attendance.  Please enter this date to the right on the electronic roster.
  • All students must receive a grade.
  • Please note that any form of a W grade is not acceptable. You may have a second page on your roster if your class enrollment requires it.

3.         SPECIAL NOTE

  •  For students on the Pass/No Pass Option, please select or enter a “P” or “N” in the Grade Column.  (Pass/No Pass indicator appears in the P/NP column with a “P”).  Students may not receive a grade of “P” or ”N” unless the Pass/No Pass indicator is displayed.
  • For all NON-CREDIT courses, students should be assigned either “S” (passing/satisfactory) or “U” (failing/unsatisfactory), whichever applies.  The LAST ATTEND DATE is required for students being issued a grade of “U”

4.       Recording Incompletes

TWO-PART INCOMPLETE FORM must be submitted for each incomplete (I, PI, SI) and conditional failure (E) given.  The original copy must be returned to the Registrar’s Office.

5.         Hours of Operation

  • Monday, Thursday & Friday from  7:30AM  to 4:30PM           
  • Tuesday & Wednesday from 7:30AM  to 6:30PM

6.          Rosters not completed by the Deadline 

  • If your rosters are not all completed by NOON on May 15, 2013, each student in the class will receive a grade of (NS) Not Submitted.  If this occurs, the instructor must complete one record change form per student.  The form will also need to be countersigned by the Department Head.  This will enable the Registrar’s Office to remove the “not submitted” grade and assign the grade the student earned.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  Please feel free to contact our office at 989-2210 if you have questions or challenges when processing grades.  Please contact 989-2888/option #2 for technical support.

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