Academic Regulations Pertaining to Final Exams

Final exam week consists of the six scheduled days in a regular semester which comprise the 16th week of the semester. Two-hour class meetings during the finals period will be scheduled by the Office of Scheduling. Scheduling of final exams during the summer session is scaled appropriately to meet demands. They are scheduled in 18, two-hour periods on the last days of the regular eight week summer session. For four week sessions, final exams are given on the last day of class.

The guiding principles of final exam scheduling include:

  1. Minimize the number of direct student exam conflicts
  2. Minimize the number of students who have more than two exams on the same day. No student shall be required to take more than two exams on the same day.
  3. Minimize the number of students who have consecutive (back-to-back) exams.
  4. In the case of exam conflicts of more than two exams on one day, the affected student, after consultation with the instructors involved, may elect which of the exams are to be taken at the schedule time(s). Saturday of the exam period may be used for solving these scheduling problems.

Faculty members are urged to avoid, when feasible, exams during the week prior to the final exam period. No exam should be given during the week which would require more than normal daily class preparation. Comprehensive final exams (laboratory and intensive course exams excluded) are prohibited except during the regular final exam period.

Classes that have first meeting times that do not appear on this list should contact the scheduling office at (219) 989-1109. Final exams will be held in the assigned classroom unless special arrangements are made with the scheduling office.