Co-curricular Transcripts

A process has been implemented for students interested in building a co-curricular transcript.  This activity transcript includes the following information that captures a student’s involvement with the university such as; Honors and awards, Leadership Activities, Student Government and Organizations, Community and Campus Service.


The Office of the Registrar will have a dedicated printer and transcript paper to be able to produce the “on-demand” co-curricular transcripts for students.  The contact staff for this operation will be Judy Johnson and/or Kim Frazier in ESC 130.


The Office of Campus Life and Dean of Students team have developed a great process that is available to students through the following url link of Forms.


The simple step-by-step process for the Co-curricular transcript is as follows:

1. Student must complete the activity entry form and submit this to the Student Activities office Studnet Union and Libary Building, Room 104B.

    Leti Toma will be the contact person for the Student Activities office.

2. The student then will be directed to complete the Validation form.  This process will serve as official confirmation that the student in fact did complete and participate in the activity.

3. The final step is the student must complete the request for co-curricular transcript.  The Office of the Registrar and Student Activities will be the only areas providing this service to the student.


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