Auditing a class

A student may wish to audit a class at some point in their academic career.  Remember no credit is given for an audited class.

Please obtain the form for auditing a class from the Office of the Registrar.  This is a form 70 and requires signatures from the instructor, your advisor, the Registrar and Student Accounts, in this order.  The fee for auditing is the same as if you took the class for credit.  If you have been awarded Dean’s List honors, you will receive a letter from your department indicating that you are eligible for one free audited class applicable for the following term only.  Please remember that you get no credit for this class.

You are entitled to hear lectures, recitations and oral quizzes.  You will not participate in classroom exercises except as invited by the instructor.  You will neither submit papers when tests or examinations are given, nor take part in laboratory work.  This is all at the discretion of the instructor.