Academic Standing

Students in Good Standing

For reports and communications to other institutions and agencies, students are considered in good standing unless they are dismissed, suspended, or academically dropped from the university without being formally readmitted.

Readmission Procedure

For Students Who are Academically Dropped for Scholastic Deficiency

Students who are academically dropped from the Purdue University system may not register or attend classes in any capacity, either for credit or on an audit basis, unless they are readmitted by the Office of the Dean of Students. Students who are academically dropped are eligible for readmission only after they have completed at least one full regular semester (summer session does not count) of non-attendance. Students who have been academically dropped more than once are required to complete at least one calendar year of non-attendance.

Academic Honors

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List is Purdue University Calumet’s way of recognizing undergradu­ate students for outstanding scholastic achievement. Each semester, the Dean’s List honors undergraduate students who have at least 12 credit hours in the gradua­tion index with a graduation index of at least 3.5, and have at least six credit hours in the semester index with a semester index of at least 3.0.

Semester Honors

Semester Honors recognize undergraduate students who have at least six credit hours in the semester index with a semester index of at least 3.5, and have at least a 2.0 graduation index.

Students whose names are placed on the Dean’s List shall be entitled to the following special privileges during the semester following the designation of distinction:

  1. may be assigned to more than 18 credit hours upon request;
  2. with the instructor’s permission, a full-time Dean’s List student may audit one class without assessment or additional fee

It would be possible to earn both Dean’s List and Semester Honors standing if the student has a really outstanding semester.

Please Note that Pass/no-pass grades and credits do not count in hours totals for either category of honors

Scholastic Deficiency

A student will be placed on Scholastic Probation if either the semester or gradu­ation index at the end of a regular semester falls below a specified level for academic classification.

A complete set of academic regulations is available to students in the Office of Campus Life and Dean of Students, Student Union and Library Building, Room 313. Phone is 219.989.4141.