2013-2014 List of Honorees

10 Years of Service
Name Position Years of Service
Deborah Bachmann Assistant Director Campus Life 10
Regina Biddings-Muro Vice Chancellor for Advancement 10
Gregory Collins Supervisor of Audio Visual Services 10
Frank Colucci Associate Professor of Political Science 10
Joan Dorman

Clinical Associate Professor Nursing

Pamela Eggbrecht Senior Business/Information Analyst 10
Dorothy Frink Interim Director of Admissions 10
Lawrence Furman Athletic Equipment Handler VII 10
Eloise Gonzalez Library Circulation/Reserves Asst IV 10
Helen Jancich Clinical Associate Professor Education 10
Michael Leonard Continuing Lecturer 10
William Miller Lead Service Worker Maintenance IX 10
Dushan Nikolovski Continuing Lect Mgmt/Managing Dir of ECTR 10
Jose Pena Associate Professor Civil Engineer Tech 10
Kenneth Pogach Continuing Lecturer of Accounting 10
Rick Rickerson Laboratory Administrator 10
Steve Smock Lead Server Administrator 10
John Tapley Service Worker Day IV 10
Marcia Weinhold Associate Professor Mathematics Edu 10
Natrona Wilson Academic Coordinator, Upward Bound 10


15 Years of Service
Name Position Years of Service
Patricia Becerra Service Worker Day IV 15
Joseph Bigott Associate Professor History 15
Sandra Bogusz Account Clerk V 15
Kathryn Branch Business Manager 15
Jose Castro-Urioste Professor Spanish 15
Margaret Greer Coordinator of Grad Admissions/Records 15
Mary Haynie Outreach Counselor, Educational Talent Search 15
Kathryn Hejmej Assistant to the School of LASS 15
Lisa Hollingsworth Associate Professor Education 15
Niaz Latif Dean, School of Technology 15
Gillian Leonard Director, Institutional Research 15
Karen Maniscalco Database Administrator 15
Mary Martinez Registration Coord.-Ed. Partnerships 15
Kimberly Mortimer Reconciliation Administrator 15
Barbara Nicolai Associate Professor Comp Info Tech 15
Barbara Osman Academic Advisor 15
Daniel Perez Lead Plummer IX 15
John Pizano Deliverer VI 15
Eric Popa Lead Groundskeeper VII 15
Richard Rupp Associate Professor Political Science 15
Wayne Samardzich Supervisor of Systems Operations 15
David Satterfield Auxiliary Service Clerk VI 15
Jeffrey Schieb AssocDir Institutional Research & Assess 15
Tabitha Stills Assistant Director, Fitness Center 15
Fengsong Wang Associate Professor Biological Sciences 15
Samuel Zinaich Associate Professor Philosophy 15


20 Years of Service
Name Position Years of Service
Tamra Bottomlee Director of Riley Child Care Center 20
Maurice Eisenstein Associate Professor Political Science 20
Lisa Goodnight IntDeanofStudents/ProfComm/DirDualCredit 20
Lynda Levin Coordinator of Intro Biology Labs 20
Susan Van Til Academic Advisor 20


25 Years of Service
Name Position Years of Service
Edwin Anderson Duplicating and Mail Center Supervisor 25
John Bachmann Grounds Supervisor 25
Casimir Barczyk Professor Human Resource Management 25
Theresa Carilli Professor Communication 25
John Coffey Associate Professor Mathematics 25
Geralyn Farley Associate Professor RHI Management 25
Roy Hamilton IntAsscVCStudentAffairs/Director McNair 25
Eileen Hansen Assistant Director Student Accounts 25
David Kozel Professor of Electrical Engineering 25
Thomas Mihail Associate Professor Education 25
Leticia Toma Student Activities Administrator 25
Deborah Wade Counselor 25
Joseph Wetchler Professor Marriage & Family Therapy 25


30 Years of Service
Name Position Years of Service
Anthony Gregory Head/CSOL/Professor Civil Engineer 30
Gregory Neff Professor Mechanical Engineering Tech 30
Ralph Ocon Professor Org Leadershp & Supervisor 30
Charles Winer Acting Department Head/Professor CIT 30


35 Years of Service
Name Position Years of Service
Terrie Farrenkopf Service Worker Day IV 35
Ellen Moore Associate Professor Nursing 35


40 Years of Service
Name Position Years of Service
William Frazier Service Worker Day IV 40


45 Years of Service
Name Position Years of Service
Catherine Murphy Head MCSS/Professor Math 45


Name Organizational Unit
Craig Blohm  Communication and Creative Arts
Roger Burchfield  Maintenance
Corya Channing  Communication
Roberta Cory  VC Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Rose Dubec  Math, Computer Science, and Statistics
Roy Foreman  Department of Information Systems, Finance, and Business Analytics
Christie Granger  Student Financial Services
Dennis Korchek  Construction Science and Organizational Leadership
Cynthia Leighty  Reasearch and Graduate Studies
Michael Leonard  Math, Computer Science, and Statistics
Martha Lowry  Fitness, Wellness, and Recreational Sports
Eunice Madison  English and Philosophy
Valentino Martinez  History and Political Science
Renea Maxfield  Education Opportunities Programs
Kristine Mihalic  Communication and Creative Arts
Michael Mitol  English and Philosophy
Jaming Pan  Chemistry and Physics
Edward Pasko  Department of Biological Sciences
Edward Pierson  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lee Rademacher  History and Political Science
Susan Roach  English and Philosophy
Charles Tseng  Department of Biological Sciences
Lynda Willer  Communication and Creative Arts
Lynn Zimmerman  Teacher Prep
Nicholas Zwier  University Police