Welcome to the Charlotte R. Riley Child Center

Peek-a-BooThe Child Center operates under the supervision of the Department of Behavioral Sciences. The Child Center is a combination program providing preschool, kindergarten, child care services, and summer programming. NAEYC accredited since 1987, the Child Center provides high quality child care and education for children of University students, faculty, staff and the community. The Child Center serves as a setting for laboratory experience and training of students enrolled in early childhood development. The Child Center also serves as an ideal site for field experience and placement for students enrolled in elementary education, nursing, dietary, and psychology. The Child Center may be used as a research site by qualifying individuals, groups or agencies. Within the community, the Child Center serves as a resource of information and referral for other child centers, schools, social service agencies, parents and area professionals.

Enrollment priority is given to the University community; off campus children are welcome. The Child Center serves children ages 3 to 6 years. The Child Center provides several scheduling options: full-time, full days, half days, combination days.

The Child Center is closed during official University holidays and from the last day of summer session until the first day of the fall semester. Operating hours are: Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Child Center is located on Purdue University Calumet campus. Formerly situated in Porter Hall, the Child Center is housed in its own facility southwest of the Fitness and Recreation Building. Three large airy classrooms provide space for preschool, kindergarten, and child care. The Child Center is located south of 173rd street on the campus’ south side, in a single story, 7,000 square foot structure. The Child Center has an enclosed playground, bike track, and patio areas.

Parents are vital contributors to our early childhood program. Parents are supporters of our program services. We value the different roles parents play. We strive to be a place that welcomes parents in all their unique roles—PUC student, PUC employee, and community member. It is our goal that parents feel encouraged and supported. Child Center teachers and staff believe in and value parents and their children.

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the active learner. Care is taken to accommodate the child’s different developmental levels, needs, and interests. Curriculum involves learning through discovery and play. This includes the activities and experiences that take place in the classroom and more importantly the relationships that form between children, their peers, and their teachers. Our major emphasis is on forming relationships. Relationships help children make connections. We focus on the process of learning. For example, the act of constructing a building or the manipulation of art materials is more important than the final product. Well-trained teachers observe and interact with children so they can facilitate and expand on children’s learning opportunities. We take joy in children’s successes.

Additional information may be obtained by phoning Purdue Calumet’s Charlotte R. Riley Child Center at (219) 989-2343. The toll free number throughout Northwest Indiana and the nearby Illinois Chicagoland area is 800/HI-PURDUE ext.2343. Contact the center director, Tamra Bottomlee, at (219) 989-2343, email: tjbottom@purduecal.edu, or fax at (219)989-3146