The Purdue Calumet Water Institute (PWI) Advisory Board goals are to:
1. Review and assess the overall activities of the PWI, and provide guidance and suggestions to improve the effectiveness of the Institute,
2. Review the PWI Certificate Program curricula and research plans and provide guidance and recommendations to the PWI directorate and staff;
3. Help the PWI build broad local and regional recognition,
4. Serve as a link between the PWI and the organizations and communities it serves;
5. Promote activities to improve the students’ educational and research experience.
6. Help the PWI attract research grants, student design projects, internships, awards, etc., from industry and other contributors.


Board members will be solicited from local and regional industrial companies, utility companies, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other educational institutions that exhibit strong interest and/or have direct involvement in water resource management, water technology and efficiency, wastewater treatment and/or reuse, and water quality and security. The members will ideally be a mixture of practicing engineers and scientists, managers, and other personnel, who are familiar with the water-related issues in the region.

Each Board member is requested to designate an alternate to be aware of activities, and thus able to substitute at and contribute to meetings.

Board members will be solicited by the Director of the PWI after consultations with the PWI staff and appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The term of each member is two years, and can be renewed by mutual agreement by both parties.


The Board will choose one member to serve as Chair. The Chair will serve for two years, and may be re-elected. The PWI Director will act as Vice Chair and will nominate a person to provide secretarial functions to the Board.

Subcommittees may be appointed as desired by the Chairperson, e.g., research program, certificate program, grants and awards, etc.


The Board will meet twice per year. Additional meetings may be arranged as needed. Meetings will be held at Purdue Calumet.

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