Master Thesis

  1. Kennethrex Ndukaife, Characterization of Fouled Flat Sheet Membrane by Infrared Thermography (IRT) in Continuous Thermal Excitation Mode, August 2014
  2.  Miao He, “Prediction of Water Quality and Water Availability” August 2014
  3. Tianwei Wang, “Experimental Investigation of Air Conditioning System using Evaporative Cooling Condenser,” August 2014
  4. Chenguang Sheng, “Empirical Correlation of Cooling Efficiency and Transport Phenomena of Direct Evaporative Cooler,” August 2012
  5. Justus Ndukaife, “Fabrication of Opto-Chemical Sensors for Heavy Metal Detection,” August 2012, (pursuing PHD degree at Purdue West Lafayette)
  6. Magloire Fandohan, “Electrohydrodynamic Pump for Cooling Electronic Devices,” August 2012 (pursuing PHD degree at Purdue West Lafayette)
  7. Ishita Biswas, “Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Fouling Phenomena in Membrane System,” Aug. 2011, (pursuing PHD degree at University of Alberta, Canada)
  8. Jianing Li, “Fabrication and Calibration of Silicon-Based Ball-Tip Optical Ammonia Sensor for On-line In-situ Detection in Water System,” May 2011, (pursuing PHD degree at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas)
  9. Ahmed Jalal, “Reversible Evanescent-based Opto-chemical Sensor for In-situ Detection of Contaminants in Static and Dynamic Fluid System,” December 2010, (pursuing PHD degree at Florida International University)
  10. Nina Zhou, “Parametric Study of Ultrafiltration Membrane System and Development of Fouling Control Mechanism,” August 2010, (pursuing PHD degree at Purdue West Lafayette)
  11. Xi Lu, “Mitigation of Fouling on Hollow Fiber Membrane using Ultrasonic Transducer,” December 2009
  12. Sridhar Shastry, “Contaminant Transport in Water Distribution Network,” Dec. 2008