Introducing PWI

In establishing this Water Institute former Vice Chancellor Nabil Ibrahim recognized Lake Michigan as a vital natural and economic resource for Northwest Indiana. He viewed Purdue University Calumet Water Institute as the institution that would lead the way in developing emerging water related technologies for water efficiency, water quality and future economic development opportunities for Northwest Indiana.

The institute is housed, not in one academic department, but across multiple departments and across schools in an interdisciplinary approach.

The research program is expected to grow to cover these major areas:

These areas will include complex and extensive studies aimed at advancing the state-of-art in water resource management and developing reliable tools to inform decision makers in addressing economic development concerns.

Special emphasis will focus on:

  • Industrial and high-tech-related applications and needs
  • Student education and training
  • Strong collaboration with local, regional, national and international universities, industry, related research centers, and other organizations
  • The education and training program of The Water Institute will help provide a well prepared workforce for new, water-related jobs that fuel economic development.

The Water Institute will also collaborate with the newly formed Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana in Merrillville on technology incubation and commercialization efforts to create new start-up companies with water-related technologies.

Former Chancellor, Purdue University Calumet, Howard Cohen commented:

“The Water Institute is a key element of Purdue Calumet’s commitment to the economic development of our region. It brings together faculty applied research, regional partnerships and student learning through internships to help protect and develop one of Northwest Indiana’s most precious assets: fresh water.”