David Pick

Photo of Dave Pick Name: David Pick


Dept/Program: Behavioral Sciences

Office: Porter Hall 211D

Phone #: (219) 989-2622

E-mail: PICK@purduecal.edu


Institution Degree Major Year
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Ph. D. Experimental Psychology 1984
Old Dominion University B.S. Psychology 1975


Elementary Psychology

Sensory Perceptual Processing

Human Memory



Chair of the Faculty Senate (2013-2014)

Psychonomics Society



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Conference Presentations

Pick, D.F. and Kruger, K., Heuristics and complex decisions in man and horses. (March, 2012). 2nd International Equine Science Meeting, Regensburg, Germany.

Pick, D.F. (2011, January). Reducing Textbook Costs, Participant Idea Exchange Round Table discussion conducted at the 33th Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, St. Petersburg Beach, FL