Crime Prevention Tips

Faculty, staff, and students carelessly leave car and office doors unlocked and valuables unprotected…a target for thieves.  Your best defense is to recognize this danger and take the necessary precautions to ward off theft.  EVERYONE is encouraged to take the following preventive measures to safeguard their valuables:


  • Lock your vehicle doors.
  • Never leave ANY valuable exposed on front or rear seats. It only takes 60 seconds to store the valuable in your trunk.
  • Speaking of vehicle trunks, do not store valuables (Laptops, purses, etc,…) in vehicle trunks while others are watching you.

Offices & Rooms:

  • Insure that your keys and other valuables are securely placed.
  • Even if you are in your office space or room, never leave valuables in plain view and exposed.
  • Challenge any unfamiliar face that enters your work or personal space.  If anyone is uncooperative and will not identify them self to your satisfaction, call the university police immediately.
  • If you must leave your office for a “rest” break, close and lock your door.
  • Students are strongly urged to LOCK YOUR DOORS WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR ROOM — even to shower, use the restroom, holler at a passing friend…