University Police

Bryon MillerA Safe Environment is a Top Priority
at Purdue University Calumet

The Department of University Police

The Department of University Police is responsible for campus security at Purdue University Calumet.  We are located in the Central Heating and Cooling Facility (H-Building) located on the north section of campus and operate on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule.  Under Indiana Law, University Police Officers possess full police powers including the power of arrest under (IC29-12-3.5) on all property owned or occupied by the University. The department also has a written mutual aid agreement with the City of Hammond Police, although primary jurisdictional areas are routinely respected.

Squad CarAll University Police Officers  graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and attend continuing education programs through the Public Safety Council of Northwest Indiana.

Students, faculty, staff and guests of the University are encouraged to report emergencies and criminal activity to the Department of University Police immediately.  To report any emergency on campus, dial 9-911 from any campus phone.  Emergency phones have been placed in each academic building on campus.  Additionally, outside call boxes are located in each campus parking area.  The call boxes have an automatic dialing system that will connect the calling party to the police emergency phone line.  To report criminal activity in which there is no immediate danger to persons or property, dial extension 2220 from any campus phone or 989-2220 from off campus phones.  A police officer will be dispatched to investigate and take a report.