PUC Events

Philosophy Parties

These are fun, informal gatherings hosted by professors in their homes on the third Friday of each month in the evening.  Faculty and students gather as equals and enjoy good food and good conversation.  The dinner is a potluck event, though students are not asked to contribute.  Afterward, a designated faculty member, student or guest leads a discussion of a particular topic.  These are excellent opportunities for discussion leaders to get helpful feedback and ideas for their prospective research.  They are also great opportunities for students to interact with other students in a casual, laid back setting.

Philosophy Matters Colloquia Series

These presentations, which are only slightly more formal than the philosophy parties, are held on campus.  A faculty member or guest presents a paper based on his or her research, after which the audience is invited to ask questions of the speaker.  Like the philosophy parties, this is an opportunity for good fun and great banter.  All colloquia presentations are open to the public.

Friends of Philosophy email list

Updates regarding all news and upcoming events are provided via the Friends of Philosophy email list.  Anyone interested in being added to the list should contact Renee Conroy: