Value of a Philosophy Degree: Career Options

Career Options

The study of philosophy imparts the types of skills and capabilities that are transferable to numerous occupations and employment settings.  Philosophy, one might say, is about “learning how to learn” and can therefore be a significant factor in an enriched professional and personal life.  Consequently, a major in philosophy is excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers and occupations.

In philosophy, we do not train people to be lawyers, doctors, or business leaders – we train them to be better lawyers, better doctors, better business leaders, and better practitioners in general.  So what types of careers do philosophy graduates go on to pursue? This is like asking what kinds of sports well-trained athletes compete in. The answer, in both cases, is anything they want! Because philosophy graduates are strong in the areas of reasoning and problem-solving, the employment possibilities are virtually limitless.

The vast majority of philosophy majors do not go on to academic careers, although the preparation you receive here will certainly help you if you decide to do so.   Possible careers include:

Law, Business, Public Relations, Politics, Accounting, Counseling, Professional Writing, Publishing, Journalism, Fundraising and Nonprofit Work, Teaching, Medicine, Religion and Ministry, Art and Architecture, other, other,