What’s new in Blackboard Learn?

Service Pack 14

Service Pack 14 has many enhancements to the already robust platform, most notably inline grading, test availability and feedback options, and a date management and group management tool.

New Test Availability and Feedback options include:

  • Test Exceptions that allow an instructor to add a user to the exception list for an extended test time, different test dates, and other test options
  • Test Feedback options that allow an instructor to choose when feedback is released after the immediate submission, due date, or availability date
  • Test Access Log that will document the time spent inside an exam in between questions and show the user’s progress
  • Scoring attempt options and due date restrictions

Service Pack 11

Service Pack 11 is designed to improve existing features, most notably a more robust Text Editor [Opens in New Window] and an improved discussion forum [Opens in New Window] that can require first posting before revealing others’ posts.

Some new features have also been added to the new version to make the user experience simpler and more efficient for both instructors and students. New features include: