iTunes U

iTunesU is a tool used for podcasting. A podcast is a free video or audio series that you download from iTunes and play on your computer, mp3 player, or other media.

Please note that you must have iTunes installed on your computer in order to access iTunes U. You may download iTunes by clicking this link

Click here to access iTunes U.


1. How do I get an iTunesU account?

To setup an account you will need to contact the Office of Instructional Technology at Once your account is created you will receive an e-mail from the OIT.

2. Who do I contact when I have questions about creating podcasts?

For support, contact the OIT at 219-989-2873 or send an email to

3. What types of files can I attach to a podcast?

The accepted file types include documents in PDF or PowerPoint; jpeg, gif or png for pictures; mp3, ma4 or wave files for audio; and avi, mov, or mv4 for video files.

4. Are there any limits on the size of attachments?

Yes. Your file size cannot be larger than 500 MB.

5. How to log into iTunes U?

Type into your Internet broswer. Your user name is the same as your NetID user name. The default password is your 8-digit birth date (MMDDYYYY).

iTunes U login page

After you successfully login, iTunes will open. You may then select the area from which you would like to view available podcasts (ex. School of Education or Center for Student Achievement).

iTunes U home page

6. How to access Podcasts on iTunes U?

Once you select the appropriate area, you will be able to view the available podcasts.

iTunes U available podcasts

After you select a podcast, you should see the below image.

podcast image

Select the Upload and Manage Files link.

Upload and Manage Files

7. How to upload Podcasts to iTunes U?

The below image should open once you select Upload and Manage Files.

Upload and Manage Files window

Click on Add New File.

Add New File image

The below image should open once you select Add New File.


Click on the Browse link and select the media you wish to add. The name of the selected media will then be displayed.

Locate podcast

When you are finished click Done.

Done image

Open iTunes U at You may need to login in again. The media you added will now appear in iTunes.

iTunes U