OIT Newsletter – April 2014

Brown Bag – Digital Storytelling 2

On March 19th, Dr. Ningchun Han took a deeper look at Digital Storytelling. The session covered the educational uses of Digital Storytelling and the skills students acquired during the creation of their stories, example stories were shared during the session.

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Instructor Spotlight

As a faculty participant of the Digital Learning Certificate program, Dr. Pinnick is redesigning CHM 490: Synthetic Organic Chemistry in a hybrid format this semester. A seasoned chemistry faculty member, Dr. Pinnick understands that one of the common obstacles that students face when taking a chemistry course is the inadequate understanding of abstract concepts. Dr. Pinnick firmly believes that the best way of teaching concepts is to present them in a dynamic manner.

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Changes to E-mail Address in Blackboard Learn

On May 17, we will be changing all e-mail addresses in Blackboard Learn to users’ @purdue.edu.
How I am affected?

Your e-mail address in Blackboard will be listed as your @purdue.edu address, but when students e-mail you, you will still receive the e-mail in your @purduecal.edu mailbox.
How are my students affected?

Students’ e-mail addresses in Blackboard will appear as their @purdue.edu address, but they will still receive their e-mail in their @purduecal.edu gmail mailbox.

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New Features in Blackboard Arriving May 17th

New Features in Blackboard Arriving May 17th

In March the Office of Instructional Technology spent time testing new service packs 12, 13, and 14 in Blackboard Learn. There are quite a few new features that we will gain by upgrading to service pack 14, some of which are highlighted below.
The move to service pack 14 is scheduled for May 17th. Please contact the Office of Instructional Technology if you have any questions about these features.

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OIT Web Accessibility

We did it. 100% of the legacy Web pages under the supervision of Purdue University Calumet’s Department of University Relations are in compliance with our Web Accessibility Policy. This is based on reviews done using the evaluation software tool Compliance Sheriff by HiSoftware.

Compliance Sheriff™ is software that scans content online and it can only tell us so much. It recognizes its limitations by flagging some issues as requiring visual inspection or a judgment call by a person. Because of that, the tool rarely reports a site at 100%. It’s up to us to verify the extra percent or so. And we have done that with those sites.

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