Brown Bag Seminars

Digital Storytelling: Is it worth the time and effort?

Date/Time: Thursday, February 26th, 12pm – 1pm
Location: Powers 204
Register at: Register for Brown Bag Seminar- Digital Storytelling

Please join Dr. Geoffrey Barrow and Dr. Gloria Velez-Rendon, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, and Dr. Michelle Block and Professor Janet Landrum, College of Nursing, for an in-depth discussion on how they used Digital Storytelling to increase student engagement and achievement. They will begin by answering the question, “Is it worth the time and effort?” The discussion will continue with how digital storytelling complemented the topics they were covering in class, while promoting student reflection. They will also cover what they learned from implementing the activity and what they might change in the future. The discussion will end with faculty sharing examples of digital stories students completed in their classes.


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