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Brown Bag Seminar: Conversation with an Innovator

Photo of Dr. Mark Mabrito

Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Socially Mediated Learning Environment
Presenter: Dr. Mark Mabrito, Associate Professor of English

This session considers an approach I call socially-mediated texts, where artifacts are gathered using online curation tools and drawn from content and interactions through and around social network sites.

The idea of using some form of social media in the classroom is often met with mixed results, ranging from total avoidance to requiring student participation in one or more social network platforms. However, even in the latter case, there may be uncertainty about the value of such experiences, how to evaluate them, or even how to have students communicate about these experiences in a meaningful way.

Socially-mediated texts can be used as a way for students to present research situated in the discourse of social networks, engage in critical thinking and analysis, and even as a means for highlighting their professional development experiences/accomplishments.  Also, this approach may be used as a vehicle for making “behind the curtain” classroom experiences (formal or informal learning events taking place outside the classroom) more transparent through students’ self-evaluation of their participation in socially-mediated spaces.

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 24, 12pm-1pm
Location: Powers 204
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