Brown Bag Seminar

On October 16, Ningchun Han at the Office of Instructional Technology gave a presentation to Calumet faculty on Flipped Classroom. The presentation is available below as well as in PDF format. If you are interested in knowing more about it and how to flip your classroom, please contact the Office of Instructional Technology.

Recording Lectures – Which tool should I use?

In the past month, questions have been raised regarding which tool is the right tool to use for recording lectures. The table below explains each tool’s functionality and pros and cons for each tool are compared.

Tips for Instructional Practice – Rubrics

Example rubric

From a student’s perspective, our grading may sometimes seem this random. Giving students specific and targeted feedback can help a student understand the grade that was given and identify areas for improvement. Rubrics are a valuable assessment tool that can help you do just that.

Tips for Technology – Missing a scroll bar in the Grade Center?

Using Mac OS X, faculty may not be able to see the horizontal scroll bar when viewing the Grade Center. Without the horizontal scroll bar, faculty will only see the first a few columns with no way to get to the rest of the columns. This is caused by a change in the default behavior of scroll bars in OS X starting with Lion.