Preparing for Spring 2014: Things to Remember

Making a Course Available When you log into Blackboard, the courses are currently showing “Unavailable” to students. Courses will remain unavailable to students until instructors make them available. The system will NOT automatically make courses available to students. Please find instructions on how to make a course available to students in this document: Copying […]

Looking to Do Something New in Blackboard in Spring 2014?

Letter Grade Column in Blackboard

The Grade Center in Blackboard is a central repository of students’ performance on learning activities. This online grading tool enables instructors to record students’ grades, track students’ work, and provide feedback to students throughout the semester. Students can access their individual’s grades through My Grades to track their own progress and receive feedback from the […]

Recording Lectures – Which tool should I use?

In the past month, questions have been raised regarding which tool is the right tool to use for recording lectures. The table below explains each tool’s functionality and pros and cons for each tool are compared.

Tips for Instructional Practice – Rubrics

Example rubric

From a student’s perspective, our grading may sometimes seem this random. Giving students specific and targeted feedback can help a student understand the grade that was given and identify areas for improvement. Rubrics are a valuable assessment tool that can help you do just that.

Tips for Instructional Practice

Guest Author – Emily Hixon, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology  Online discussions can be valuable learning tools for online courses and hybrid courses, as well as face-to-face courses. They provide a vehicle for building class community, encouraging deep thought, promoting reflection, ensuring all student voices are heard, sharing student work, and […]