Recorded Brown Bag

Per many faculty members’ request, the Brown Bag Seminar held in September has been recorded. Please go to the website below for the presentation by Dr. Mark Mabrito, Associate Professor of English. Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Socially Mediated Learning Environment Click here to access the Recorded Brown Bag Seminar

Brown Bag Seminar – Digital Storytelling 1

Dr. Meg Rincker, Assistant Professor of Political Science taught POL-43300, International Organization: Model United Nations and spoke about the use of Digital Storytelling in her course on February 19th, 2014. During the seminar, Dr. Rincker shared with us her experience of why digital storytelling is a great learning tool. She also shared with us the digital story projects the students created in her class.

Upcoming Event – Digital Storytelling 2

Digital Storytelling 2 Dr. Ningchun Han will take a deeper look at Digital Storytelling. The session will cover the educational uses of Digital Storytelling and the skills students will acquire during the creation of their stories. Example stories will be shared. Date/Time: Wednesday, March 19, 12:00 to 1:00 P.M.Location: Powers 204 Register for Digital Storytelling

Upcoming Brown Bag Seminars

Over the next two Brown Bag seminars, join us for a two part series on Experiential Learning and Digital Storytelling.

On February 19th, Dr. Meg Rincker, Assistant Professor of Political Science will share her story on how Experiential Learning and Digital Storytelling has enhanced the learning experience for her students enrolled in POL 433 EXL – International Organization: Model United Nations.

Brown Bag Seminar – Flipped Classroom

Sharon Schleigh

Last month, the Office of Instructional Technology hosted a Brown Bag Seminar covering Flipped Classroom. Dr. Terry Trepper, Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Sharon Schleigh, Assistant Professor of Science Education, joined us and shared their successful experiences in flipping their classrooms. Dr. Trepper demonstrated how students’ self-study could be achieved before coming into the class […]

Brown Bag Seminar

On October 16, Ningchun Han at the Office of Instructional Technology gave a presentation to Calumet faculty on Flipped Classroom. The presentation is available below as well as in PDF format. If you are interested in knowing more about it and how to flip your classroom, please contact the Office of Instructional Technology.

Brown Bag – Copyright & Fair Use

On September 18, Donna Ferullo, JD, Director of Purdue University Copyright Office, gave a presentation to faculty and staff on Calumet campus on copyright and fair use. The presentation has been recorded. The extended audience Q&A session is included as well. Click on the following link to view the presentation.

Upcoming Events

Brown Bag Seminar: Flipped Classroom (Part 1): Wednesday, October 16, Noon-1pm Dr. Ningchun Han is the Instructional Technology Specialist at the Office of Instructional Technology. During the session, she will discuss what a flipped classroom is, why we should consider flipping our classroom, and the strategies to flip a classroom. Click on the following link […]