OIT offers assistance with online programs transition

Over this past summer, the University made a strategic decision to no longer outsource the hosting and management of its two online programs (1) RN/BSN Completion Program offered by the College of Nursing and (2) School Administration Program offered by the College of Education. With the decision to separate from Academic Partnerships (AP), The Office of Instructional Technology led the transitions of course materials from AP’s EPIC system to the University’s Blackboard System. This transition included working directly with faculty from both colleges to adjust all course materials to Blackboard’s format. To ensure the course instructors were prepared to teach in Blackboard, OIT spent the greater part of the fall semester creating an online training course that guided the instructors through Blackboard.

Instructor Spotlight

Meg Rincker

Meg RinckerDr. Meg Rincker, Assistant Professor of Political Science, taught POL 433 EXL, International Organization: Model United Nations. This course centers on the activities of the United Nations and the modalities of international diplomacy. The course provides students with practical experience as a student-diplomat and prepares them to participate as a distinguished diplomat at the American Model United Nations (AMUN) conference in Chicago.

Upcoming Brown Bag Seminars

Over the next two Brown Bag seminars, join us for a two part series on Experiential Learning and Digital Storytelling.

On February 19th, Dr. Meg Rincker, Assistant Professor of Political Science will share her story on how Experiential Learning and Digital Storytelling has enhanced the learning experience for her students enrolled in POL 433 EXL – International Organization: Model United Nations.

Brown Bag Seminar – Flipped Classroom

Sharon Schleigh

Last month, the Office of Instructional Technology hosted a Brown Bag Seminar covering Flipped Classroom. Dr. Terry Trepper, Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Sharon Schleigh, Assistant Professor of Science Education, joined us and shared their successful experiences in flipping their classrooms. Dr. Trepper demonstrated how students’ self-study could be achieved before coming into the class […]

OIT Faculty and Staff Lab Visits

During Fall 2013, the Faculty Lab at the Office of Instructional Technology has seen over 500 visits from faculty and staff. Faculty and staff have come to the lab for one-on-one consultations and assistance with a variety of requests such as effective course design, issues related to Blackboard, and other academic technology tools. The email […]

Preparing for Spring 2014: Things to Remember

Making a Course Available When you log into Blackboard, the courses are currently showing “Unavailable” to students. Courses will remain unavailable to students until instructors make them available. The system will NOT automatically make courses available to students. Please find instructions on how to make a course available to students in this document: http://webs.purduecal.edu/oit/files/2012/11/How-to-make-a-course-available-to-students.pdf. Copying […]

Looking to Do Something New in Blackboard in Spring 2014?

Letter Grade Column in Blackboard

The Grade Center in Blackboard is a central repository of students’ performance on learning activities. This online grading tool enables instructors to record students’ grades, track students’ work, and provide feedback to students throughout the semester. Students can access their individual’s grades through My Grades to track their own progress and receive feedback from the […]